About This Project

The “How Do U Feel?” campaign is a non-partisan campaign with a goal of promoting citizenship, civil discourse, and higher voter turnout among millennials. In 2014, 83% of voters in this age group chose not to vote. Engaged citizens are more likely to vote. The “How Do U Feel” question gives young voters a voice and platform to express themselves and promotes voter registration through Rock The Vote.

The “How Do U Feel?” campaign was born from a conversation in a college classroom. Students divulged that they want to share their thoughts and feelings about the controversial election in a safe and non-judgemental space that promotes meaningful dialogue and understanding. Moreover, they want to use their smartphones as a means to engaging in this conversation, via their favorite social media platforms.

Young people are recording their thoughts in short selfie videos and posting them on their favorite social media sites. We can then track the #HowDoUFeel conversation and assist in driving more millennials to become registered voters and give them a voice in mainstream media, where they are currently not represented.

You can support this project by making a tax deductible donation.