Camille with #WhyOhioVotes

Published on October 12, 2016 by Kelly Shogren

Camille says,

Hi everyone my name is Camille Wimbish and I’m here talking about why Ohio votes. I’m voting this election because I care about my community and I want my vote to make a difference. I want to make sure that we are electing leaders who reflect my values and are making thoughtful and informed decisions.  I want to make sure that they’re respectful of all of us whether it’s women or minorities or people with disabilities that these leaders understand that we have to work together to really get the job done. I’m also voting because in Ohio I’m tired of the constant attack on voting rights, I don’t want to spend another year wondering about whether or not your ballot is going to count mine is going to count whether or not it’s going to be equal access at the polls. I’m just really want politicians stop playing gotcha with voters and so that’s why I’m voting and I hope you’ll vote with me too. Thanks!

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