Chrissy, IL, 20 yrs.

Published on September 22, 2016 by Kelly Shogren

Chrissy says,

So the reason why I find Donald Trump to be a viable candidate for the 2016 presidential election would have to be
that he has a lot of policies that focus on international relations specifically about economically and without moving jobs back into America which i think a big thing in this election is that a lot of people are really interested in immediate finding things immediately with a president like the hundred first days are really important but what people don’t really understand i think it’s a really big problem for Millennials and forearm a lot of citizens in America is that we don’t understand how much economics and international relations truly effect on the Federal Reserve and economic policies here in America so it is really important that he is doing that and that’s something you don’t see from any other candidate so do I think he’s a
great person absolutely not but I see him and his policies as the most straightforward and the best in moving our country forward beyond just something like giving us free college or an affordable healthcare act that ends ups kind of screwing the American people over in the end so i think his policies will move us forward into things that are going to be effective and long-lasting for the country.

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