Brandon, TX, 19 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Brandon says:

How do I feel about Donald Trump being president well Donald Trump is a great business guy great business mind he is no business being in the White House he just does not you know in his speeches all he talks about is make America great again but it’s like how you just gonna make America great again he is nothing the back that up he he just repeat the same thing over and over again all i have a friend in this country all the I know these great people but that’s not gonna help America he wants to cut education spending and environmental spending and those are two huge problems in America.

Right now in America our education system is falling behind other countries and we need to invest more in that in order to help the future of this country if we want our country to progress and develop how we wanted to we need to better our education and put more money into our education system not take it away he wants to build a wall and he expects Mexico to pay for Mexico in pain from the wall just not that’s not going to solve the immigration problem and that’s just partly how I feel about Donald Trump being president.

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