Connor, IL, 20 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Connor says:

Cal students today this is our first real interaction with presidential election last time around we were just too young to be able to participate so this being our first time through depression light and not really liking what I’m seeing none of the three candidates left really i would pledge my full support to I just don’t really like anything that watching this has become kind of lesser of Evil’s or who do you like the most out of these ones rather than someone you feel really passionate about this is how I feel for me being that I identify more with Republican Party i will most likely place for Donald Trump.

I just really cannot find any reason for myself to support Hillary don’t like anything that she’s done it was stands for burning i do like someone is social ideas and policies as well as environmental stuff but I’m just what do you suppose financially and some of the other things that he is our proposal being a socialist capitalist communist and I don’t feel like it would work that much i just can’t really find a reason for myself the pleasure boat either running oily so for Trump so i would he I think you’ll be able to help out with our debt how this contribution is following I think you’ll be out there i think is a little extreme it’s almost policies and he really going to some motions for four other people other ethnicities and he doesn’t look more like really play the part a role of what we think of as a president or presidential figure and really hold that power but you can tell when he walks in the room really commands the place and you know talk to people and give them what they want but in the end you think you’ll be able to do some good things as a president I understand things that people are concerned about as well so don’t want to become an ex-president I wouldn’t be ready to be super concerned that we ready to jump ship I think could possibly do their job for this country.

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