Johnny, CA, 20 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Johnny says:

I am Jonathan and i think a trump presidency as well as his popularity during the primaries just proves the ignorance right now that is widespread throughout America you know people are terrified of losing their jobs they’re terrified of Isis among other things and and here comes along a demagogue who says he can provide security by for example supporting illegal aliens or banning all Muslims entry into the u.s. without fully realizing the ramifications are consequences of his action.

And yet the scariest part is not the biggest tree or the misogyny or the ignorance the scariest part is that his popularity is a reflection of the huge majority of people that live in the u.s. is appealing but to a population that is nostalgic of the nineteen fifties where conservative Christian values are the basis of American culture and that’s just not the case in contemporary society you know a man that tells his supporters and it’s okay to punch the protesters in the face of a man who cares more about his hair and tweets that he does the sustainability of our environment should not be a leader of any nation let alone United States.

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