Josephine, CA, 22 yrs.

Published on October 31, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Josephine says,

“Hi everyone my name is Josephine okay and I’m from Los Angeles California and I just want to share my thoughts regarding this year’s presidential election. Right now I’m going to focus on Hillary and Donald Trump. One thing I really want to talk about is how unfortunate and how disappointing it is that not a lot of my friends are motivated to vote for Hillary because of who she is in her platform, but mostly because they don’t want Donald Trump to win and I am in the same boat with them too. I feel like Donald Trump is a very disrespectful man especially towards a woman and I planned other people and I thought he always talks down to other people and he’s just a very ugly and radical person and also want to talk about how all the time and like doing his rallies he’s always attacking somebody and he never really focuses on what he wants to do an upcoming years.”

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