Kelsey, MS, 20 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Kelsey says:

I think Donald Trump should be President I mean he’s known for being a businessman and yes known for being an asshole but we are taught growing up that the u.s. is the powerhouse for the economy in the world and I think in the US the citizens are basically the employees and as a nation we are company and I think being not being a politician will help and he will know how to run it
and help us get out of debt.

Also i like he doesn’t want you know i mean god I you might not want to hear the truth but guess what the truth hurts and i think when i think of politicians I think of a filter and also I think of hidden agendas you know I think manipulation and I think transparency and if Donald Trump it’s want then you know he doesn’t have a hidden agenda in my book because he’s gonna tell you straight up what he thinks and how he sees his plan working also i like the idea that he doesn’t need other corporations donating to help his campaign he doesn’t know all on his own and I think that in its own shows that enough people support them to be President.

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