Marisa, IL, 20 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Marisa says:

If Donald Trump gets elected as president I will be really disappointed because I don’t support him as a person i think some of his ideas are good i kinda agree with the idea of small government and that as a businessman rather than a politician he’ll do a lot to kind of cut costs and blessing the deficit but I just don’t respect him as a person and I cannot feel comfortable voting for a person who blatantly disregard people’s feelings and says things about people that are just mean and untrue and i just am really disappointed as a hole in the way that the elections turning out.

And as college student it should be looking cool time in my life to finally have a say in who is president and I just don’t i am not even registered to vote i don’t know enough about it and I just don’t like anyone who’s running and it really sucks because i want to finally have the opportunity to vote for someone who I supported you think would be a good who do the job being president and I don’t see anyone who’s running as an option for me and Donald Trump kind of stands out in my mind as someone who I just really don’t want to be President just solely because of who he is and what he said about the american population.

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