Natalie, MI, 20 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Nathalie says:

Ok so these are my thoughts on Donald Trump potentially being the next president i’ll start off by saying I’m a registered republican voter and i still can’t support him.

I think Donald Trump sees himself above everybody else and i think a quality is something that needs to be focused on regardless of who the next leader is I think America is having issues today I’m focusing on the quality of all kinds gender racial you know financial differences I I don’t think Donald Trump will support anything other than what will make him money and what well you know help people who have money as it is and I know it’s a very liberal thing to say coming from a conservative but i think the man is so radically different from who we have an office right now and I think that’s what conservatives are attracted to but you know I think we need a more modern person in office you can’t have a man that is so radically different then you know what we have at the moment and I think what he stands for is bullshit.

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