Nate, IA, 20 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Nate says:

Alright so I’m here to answer the question how do I feel about a possible donald trump presidency on first I think it’s amazing that he’s at the point where is our to his credit you know he’s definitely do that on being able to get the media’s attention and meet up with manipulate the evangelical vote to his side arm i think first I’m definitely are uneasy almost fearful about donald trump presidency now because of what he’ll do to America internally but also on how he represents America and international stage.

I remember just the other day on he was saying how him in the Prime Minister of Great Britain probably wouldn’t get along very well which is a really ignorant thing to say considering great britain is one of America’s greatest allies I don’t think Trump is a person you want for mating policy on and that’s just my opinion but also i’m definitely uneasy because of the amount of times he’s flip-flopped on issues both arm you know throughout his computer career and throughout his campaign he’s definitely gone back and forth a lot and I honestly don’t know where he stands and so that’s why I’m a little fearful almost just because i really don’t know you know who he is i’m at his core and what he represents.

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