Sari, IL, 20 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Sari says:

How do I feel about Trump your next president um I feel scared when he first said he was running it kind of seems like a little bit of a joke um but yeah it’s really scary because now he’s our Republican candidate and its actual possibility that he might be our next president.

Um I think Donald Trump resembles have learned a lot of ways if you look at Hitler when he was rising to power not necessarily when he was in power um yeah you look at what he was rising to power and look at the similarities they both kind of know what to say to get people excited to persuade people and they kind of look at people’s weaknesses and give them escape go and people blame and the reason just something to blame all their problems on and to just knows how to get people excited but I don’t know it’s it’s scary that’s how i feel about Donald Trump accord next possible president.

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