Tyler, PA, 20 yrs.

Published on September 16, 2016 by How Do U Feel?

Tyler says:

So I’m driving home pondering on this thought how do I feel about Donald Trump potentially becoming our next president to sum it up in a short minute and a half video initially on nervous as everyone else is in this country I’m nervous for what’s to come if he gets elected personally I think up to this point it seems almost like a social experiment the fact that he’s even running.

I mean he just you listen to these debates and his rallies and everything and this man just make some of the dumbest comments and has some of his policies on things example this wall that he plans on building is just totally dumbfounded and it just blows my mind how he continues to gain followers but on the flipside this man is very knowledgeable when it comes to finances and how to run a business and unfortunately government and our nation it is a business so in that regards.

I think he will be able to take control of that but unfortunately that is not all presidency consistent in fact it’s a very little portion of what presidency consists of so I mean only time will tell at this point but I I’m nervous for Donald Trump to be our next president of the United States.

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