Kristi, IL, 22 yrs.

Published on October 27, 2016 by Kelly Shogren

Kristi says,

I just finished watching the third presidential debate of 2016. I’m still really taken back by the level of disrespect that Donald Trump has when he is in the debate the remarks and comments that he makes I just really leave me speechless. There was actually one comment that really stuck with me and it was during the topic of abortion. Hillary Clinton was the only one to get the fact of the matter heard by all the American people watching. She really dug deep and like got her point across. Donald Trump side he decided to take a very immature route to answering that question truck may think differently. But i am not a threat because i am pro-choice, no woman wants to make this decision. Actually a main reason why abortion is legal is because of health reasons and that is why it needs to stay legal. Once this is taken from a woman’s right their life could be in danger and so could the child’s uh I also don’t think that the government should have a say in a decision like this that could impact an individual’s life in a very negative manner after all isn’t the United States a free country

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