Maria with #WhyOhioVotes

Published on October 17, 2016 by Kelly Shogren

Maria says,

It’s a really rough election season 40 highland the polarizing politics and name-calling is hard on our ears our hearts and even our personal relationships are different people chat about current events have become strained we have unfriended and fought and bickers many have resigned themselves to feeling powerless and left out of the political process naturally this frustration could mean people don’t show up to the polls but we can’t fit this election out there far too much at stake it’s time for islands to remember our shared values and goals i’m voting because I’m fighting for Ohio’s future I look up to the next generation of ohioans and so help me God I’m gonna make sure those kids have basic necessities and the opportunity to succeed this election is like most presidential elections of battle for the heart of our nation what better place to decide that the heartland so Ohio tell me why do you vote and then nominate three friends to tell the same.

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