Ryan, MI, 19 yrs.

Ryan says, I believe that the current political rhetoric is affecting marginalized groups in America because the supporters of parties are given license to say some really terrible things on through the the showcase of these political figures. Saying racist, misogynistic, ablest, transphobic, homophobic things that gives everyday Americans license to also say those things […]

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Josephine, CA, 22 yrs.

Josephine says, “Hi everyone my name is Josephine okay and I’m from Los Angeles California and I just want to share my thoughts regarding this year’s presidential election. Right now I’m going to focus on Hillary and Donald Trump. One thing I really want to talk about is how unfortunate and how disappointing it is that […]

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Kevin, IL, 21 yrs.

Kevin says, So I think Donald Trump has a really good system going because he he knows how to channel people’s hatred how two channels people’s fear and put it all on to another type of people that he doesn’t like or that he finds is the problem of the country or the world and he’s really good at honing in […]

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